GENTEX 34/P Flight Helmet Custom Built

GENTEX 34/P USA Flight Helmets

***United States Sales Only***

Please Know Your Head Size, Mine is Large 22
½" = Helmet 7¼

What's Included:

"All New" USA Authentic HGU-GENTEX 33/P - 34/P flight helmet custom made in America. This is a new Military Issue Surplus helmet built in 2022 with a  custom interior. Including a Custom Built GENTEX MBU 12/P Oxygen Mask and more. "SEE PHOTOS"

**** ITAR Laws Prohibit International Sales ****

These complete helmets come from The United Military New Un-Issued overstock surplus and soon will not be available at these prices.

If you need a custom helmet built, please feel free to email us even if you would like a different color. Custom builds are 30 to 60 days due to paint.


* "NEW" HGU-GENTEX 33/P - 34/P United States Air Force Flight Pilot Helmet
* "NEW" Oxygen Mask GENTEX Custom Built MBU-12/P - Not Included Unless You Ask
* "NEW" Mic M-169A/AIC Electro Voice Microphone Element
* "NEW" UV 33/P - 34/P Grey UV Visor
* "NEW" Comms - Ears Work Crystal Clear
* "NEW" Chin Strap
* "NEW" Black Custom Breathable TPL or Comfort Headliner
* "NEW" Ear Phones - Very Comfortable Authentic Cups With Leather
* "NEW" Bayonet Quick Release - Not Included Unless You Ask To Be Installed
* "Mannequin Head Not Included"

A $900USD Value...

Ear Phones features the perfect combination of comfort, technology and durability. From the moment you put it on, you’ll notice the difference. The feel of plush, leatherette ear seals that enclose your ears in comfort. The soft, Outlast fabric, vented head pad that actually absorbs heat buildup to keep you cool during long flights.


    PLUG TYPE: This model uses the standard dual or single comm plug for use in virtually all civilian fixed-wing aircraft. Please let us know if you require a single or dual comm plug.

    Proudly made in the USA