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JADE Tactical® "Guaranteed 35% to 50% Savings:"

- We offer the best prices on all new flight helmets being USA custom hand made strictly with USA Military and manufacturer parts...

- Our products are supplied to us by parts manufacturer's, and direct Military surplus as new - unused. All flight helmets are custom built by Jade Tactical.

- Jade Tactical® provides USA made products and custom services for Military, EMT, Law Enforcement, and General Aviation.

- We have been building custom brand name flight helmets now going on 17 years plus.

- We do have 12/P and 20/P Oxygen Mask in stock free with the purchase of a "Fixed Wing Flight Helmet" if you ask or an oxygen mask at the time of purchase.

- Oxygen Mask 12/P factory cost value at $2,700USD and 20/P are 2,900USD through GENTEX and can take up to 8 to 12 months to receive. Through Jade Tactical, we have 12/P and 20/P in stock...

- We do not ship outside the United States. If you are shipping International, please make your own arrangements.

Our Guarantee To You.

Please note:


Jade Tactical can paint solid flat, gloss, and metallic colors, including design any flight helmet to your comfort needs, or comm requirements at no added or hidden cost, (ANR IS SOLD SEPARATLY).


Our flight helmets are pre equipped ready for flight without you having to go through a confusing drop down box process to make your new purchase, while watching your cost price increase.


If there are extra accessories you would like installed or added to your purchase, we offer them separately as accessories. If you choose at the time of your new flight helmet purchase, or later down the road there is no hidden cost for installation. 


Once again, our flight helmets are built as shown, including mentioned in our descriptions, “READY FOR FLIGHT”.


We custom build your flight helmet if not available due to color, and or comms required for connecting you to your aircraft, with a turnaround time of 30 to 60 days or sooner. We are guaranteed faster than any flight helmet supplier - manufacturer in the United States in supplying exactly what you need in a record time. Our mission is your safety, and satisfaction, when making your flight helmet investment.


We strive for perfection when it comes to having many happy pilots, and flight crew helmets custom made in the United States, including Worldwide now going on 17 years. 


You will receive a confirmed SMS or e-Mail with a tracking number for your valuable order that has shipped, allowing you to keep up to date following your important purchase with us.


We thank all of you for giving Jade Tactical this great honor to serve you with both quality flight helmets, accessories, and excellent service.


International Sales ship within the United States only, due to ITAR. Any International purchases are to be arranged by the purchaser for shipment outside the United States.