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GENTEX 84/P USA Flight Helmet

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What's Included:

Un-Issued: There is no guarantee to how much longer The United States Marines - Navy will be providing new Pilot Helmets, now that I will be conducting other business with all military.

As a military contractor and soon working with ITAR, all my helmets will be contracted to The DOD, which means eventually, no more eBay offering these helmets.

Get a new USA Authentic HGU-GENTEX Fighter Jet Pilot Helmet 84/P loaded at this very low price while I still offer them.

Please review all photos prior to buying; you will receive a complete HGU-GENTEX U.S.A 84/P Jet Pilot Helmet with a Reg MBU 12/P or 20/P M/W Oxygen Mask shown in my photos.

**** ITAR Laws Prohibit International Sales ****

These complete helmets come from The United States Marines New Un-Issued overstock surplus and soon will not be available at these auction prices.

* "NEW" HGU-GENTEX 84/P United States Jet Fighter Pilot Helmet Combat "NOS GREEN".
* "NEW" Oxygen Mask GENTEX Reg MBU-12/P or 20/P, please mention in comments when ordering.
* "NEW" Mic M-169A/AIC Electro Voice Microphone Element
* "NEW" UV 84/P or 20/P Grey UV Visor Depending on Inventory At The Time Of Purchase
* "NEW" UV 84/P or 20/P Clear UV Visor Depending on Inventory At The Time Of Purchase
* "NEW" UV 84/P Black Leather Visor Cover
* "NEW" Boom Mic Dynamic M26542/11, GENTEX, or COBRA, depending on inventory at the time of order.
* "NEW" NVG Mount
* "NEW" GENTEX Helmet Liner Energy Shock Absorbing D4239
* "NEW" Comms - Ears Work Crystal Clear
* "NEW" Chin Strap
* "NEW" X-Liner or TPL Liner Depending on Inventory At The Time Of Purchase
* "NEW" Ear Phones - Very Comfortable
* "NEW" Bayonet Quick Release
* "NEW" Parachute Deploy Snag Free Bayonet Receivers
* "Mannequin Head Not Included"


You Get Exactly What You See In My Pictures

These pictures have not been enhanced other then room lighting may slightly change the color pixels of the camera, and what you see is exactly what you will get, NOT Including the Mannequin head.

Once again, you get exactly what you see in the pictures, (100% New)