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HGU-GENTEX USA 56/P Helicopter Flight Helmet

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HGU-GENTEX 56/P USA MED Charcoal Flight Helmet, MSF, ARC RAIL’S, NVG, Side Winder LED.


**** ITAR Laws Prohibit International Sales ****


These complete helmets come from The United States Military New Un-Issued overstock surplus and soon will not be available at these low prices.


- We do go through these helmets completely which becomes a custom build...

NEW HGU-GENTEX 56/P USA Medium Helmet, MSF, ARC RAIL’S, NVG, Sidewinder Flex Led Light "LOADED".

All New USA GENTEX, and Custom Assembled.

* "NEW" HGU-GENTEX Military 56/P United States Air to Ground Combat Helmet Custom Charcoal Metallic Paint.

* "NEW" ARC Rails installed.

* "NEW" ARC Rail Sidewinder flex flash light white & Red.

* "NEW" MAXILLOFACIAL SHIELD Custom painted to match chrome iridium visor.

* "NEW" ANVIS 6/9 Night Vision Mount installed.

* "NEW" Boom Mic 50/50 DAVID CLARK.

* "NEW" NVG Mount Visor installed.

* "NEW" UV Iridium Chrome Visor.

* "NEW" UV Clear Visor.

* "NEW" GENTEX Helmet Liner Energy Shock Absorber.

* "NEW" Comms - Ears Work Crystal Clear U-174 Plug.

* "NEW" Chin Strap.

* "NEW" Comfort liner by Aero.

* "NEW" Leather Ear Phones - Very Comfortable.

* "NEW" Extras included.

* "Mannequin Head Not Included".

Due to ITAR laws, no shipping outside the United States.

After payment is received, this amazing flight helmet will be shipped the next business day. We only ship via UPS. We found USPS And FED EX are unreliable.