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GENTEX 68/P USA Flight Helmet Custom Built

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"NEW" HGU-GENTEX U.S.A. Authentic 68/P Jet Pilot Helmet Custom Built With A Ruby Iridium Visor, "AS SHOWN"

Available MBU
-12/P or 20/P Oxygen Mask

*** Freshly Built 2024 ***

Please read our main page about oxygen mask...

Over 50% Savings.

"IMPORTANT" Please read before buying...
All HGU-GENTEX U.S.A. Jet Pilot 68/P Helmets & MBU-12/P Oxygen Mask are completely assembled in The United States and are New Military surplus.

Due to the continued shortage in Jet Pilot helmets, get yours while they are available. Again 100% USA Made and assembled.

What's Included:

Get a new USA Authentic HGU-GENTEX Fighter Jet Pilot Helmet 68/P loaded at this very low price while I still offer them. All custom built and painted here in the USA.

Please review all photos prior to buying; you will receive a complete HGU-GENTEX U.S.A LG 68/P Jet Pilot Black Ops Flight Helmet with
a GENTEX MBU-12/P or 20/P Oxygen Mask.

**** ITAR Laws Prohibit International Sales ****

These complete helmets come from The United States Navy New Un-Issued overstock surplus and soon will not be available at these auction prices.


* "NEW" HGU-GENTEX 68/P United States Jet Fighter Pilot Flight Helmet "Custom Built"

* "NEW" Custom Paint
* "NEW" Oxygen Mask GENTEX MBU-12/P or 20/P "Custom Built" (Please write in notes if you require an oxygen mask.)
* "NEW" 100% Custom Fitted Authentic Italian Thick Edge Roll Leather "NOT" GENTEX PLEATHER
* "NEW" UV 68/P High Quality Ruby Iridium UV Visor
* "NEW" UV 68/P Sliding Visor Leather Cover
* "NEW" GENTEX Helmet Liner Energy Shock Absorbing D4239
* "NEW" Comms - Ears Work Crystal Clear
* "NEW" Chin Strap
* "NEW" AERO, X, or TPL Liner depending on inventory at the time of your order.
* "NEW" Ear Phones - Very Comfortable
* "NEW" Anti Paracord Snag Bayonet Quick Release Receivers. Halo cover not included.
* "NEW" Bayonet Covers For No Snag Parachute Ejection
* "Mannequin Head Not Included"

Gibson -Barnes 68/P Helmet Only $2,738.00. Does not included custom paint, chrome bayonet receivers, comm system, or high quality Iridium Visor.

Gibson -Barnes MBU-12/P Oxygen Mask - With CX-4707 Cord $2,758

Gibson -Barnes MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask - With CX-4707 Cord $2,900

These pictures have not been enhanced other then room lighting may slightly change the color pixels of the camera.

* USA Confirmed Addresses, "NO P.O. BOXES"
* No shipping "International, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, APO's or United States Embassy's
* Once again secured packaging for safe shipping. Please think about buying shipping insurance; it's worth it for the safety in shipping companies hands these days.


All New USA GENTEX Custom Assembled and painted helmets require a 2 to 4 week shipping time.