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MSA Gallet LA100 Jet Pilot Flight Helmet "LOADED"

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MSA Gallet LA100 Jet Pilot Helmet - ANVIS NVG MOUNT "Many Extra's"

L,XL,XXL - Gloss Black -

- We start with a Custom Built MSA Gallet LA100 Jet Pilot Flight Helmet with Dual Visors with visor cover, NVG Mount, standard communications. Boom Mic DAVID CLARK M-7A, with standard aviation's LEMO / U-174U communications system, and much more.


- This top of the line world known JET PILOT flight helmet comes complete, exactly as you view this amazing MSA Gallet LA 100 Jet Pilot flight helmet in our photos.


- This Jet Pilot Helmet cost over $1,000 USD more through a MSA Dealer with the added extras, ANVIS NVG Mount, Boom to Mic switch, DAVID CLARK 50/50 Boom Mic, LEMO - U-174U Disconnect. NVG Visor Cover, and Visor Removable Adapter Plate, Comfort Liner, and Ratchet Chin Strap. This Jet Pilot Helmet is D.O.I. Certified.


Please remember a fixed wing flight helmets come with a 12/P or 20/P oxygen mask at the time of purchase. You need to ask for either model mask when checking out in the note box.


- PLEASE NOTE: We keep a continued large inventory due to demand.

**** ITAR Laws Prohibit International Sales ****

- We do go through these helmets which becomes a very nice custom built flight helmet.

All New USA GENTEX, and Custom Assembled.

* "NEW" MSA LA100 Jet Pilot Flight Helmet.
* "NEW" DAVID CLARK 50/50 Wire Flex Boom Mic M-7A.
* "NEW" Boom to Oxygen Switch "View Photos".
* "NEW" UV Grey UV Visor.
* "NEW" UV Clear Visor.
* "NEW" MSA Visor LA100 Visor Cover.
* "NEW" MSA NVG Visor cover plate.
* "NEW" ANVIS 6/9 NVG Mount.
* "NEW" MSA Helmet Liner Energy Shock Absorbing Impact Liner.
* "NEW" Comms - Ears Work Crystal Clear.
* "NEW" Comfortable Ratchet Chin Strap.
* "NEW" MSA High Quality Comfort Liner
* "NEW" Ear Phones - Very Comfortable
* "NEW" A Truly Comfortable and Amazing Flight Helmet With Some Extras
* "D.O.I. certified.
* "MSA Helmet Air Crew Bag.
* "Mannequin Head Not Included"

We have been building these GENTEX, MSA, and ALPHA EAGLE helmets going on 15 years now for Military, Contractors, Law Enforcement, EMT, Private Military, and Civilian Pilots.

These pictures have not been enhanced other then room lighting may slightly change the color pixels of the camera, and what you see is exactly what you will get.


Please NOTE: For This MSA Gallet LA100 Jet Pilot Flight Helmet, the standard time to ship is 7 to 10 business day after confirmed payment.


Note: Please contact us for a complete custom paint design cost.